So hello, bonjour, hola, guten tag,  Ciao and kia ora.

So today was interesting i had a very intense conversation in my history class though i must admit it had nothing to do with history, well it did but just not what we were learning in history. Any how so i was sitting in class (we were in the computer room) just chilling as i do (we had a sub so i didn’t really have to do any work) and my friend who was next to me was like ”hey did i tell you about my sister being possessed?” and of course i was like ”noooooooooo why?” by this time i was like wtf, then she started telling me about how when her little sister started talking she was convinced her name was ”hina” though her name is Abbie, and even when they were like ”come on Abbie its time to go” she would insist that her name was hina. My friend then continued to say that also when her sister was that age that she had a lot of seizures, but when they moved out of their house and into another town Abbie told them that ”hina ran away to the forest” and the seizures stopped. Then when they moved back two years later (so Abbie is now 5) Abbie told them that ”hina had died” when asked how Abbie replied with ”hina got ran over by her step grandfather.” Now at this stage i was like ok maybe your sister has a multi-personality’s because after they moved Abbie became happier but now every time she talks about hina she gets sad. So after talking about this for a few minutes a few of our friends joined in the conversation and we all discussed what could be wrong with Abbie, we couldn’t really figure it out it was all very strange, how could such a young child be convinced that her name was hina when no one in the family had ever heard of it and thats a bit to much for a two year old to keep up for a year then two years later still remember. But do i think Abbie was possessed? well i’m not sure because the house they lived in when Abbie was ”hina” was haunted plugs would be flung out of the walls lights being turned on and off. Its all very strange indeed could it have been just Abbie’s imagination or was she being possessed by a spirit? well who knows. So i wanted to have a look into what the name hina means it was interesting what i found it turns out hina is a goddess of death and also the mother of Maui a Maori legend considering that we live in New Zealand this had to be something right or is it just coincidence?