Well if your reading this I would just like to warn you that I am in fact a little strange well maybe a bit more than a little but that’s not the point. So I am  not really sure what I will be blogging about probably just random thoughts or what I feel like sharing, which is in fact a little broad but hey I am just a big ball of random knowledge so you may even learn something but yet again you might just get scared and run far, far away but we will just cross that bridge when we come to it. So  far I really haven’t talked about much which could be a reoccurring theme in my blogs. I would just like to for warn you about grammar lets just say I am not the best at it and I am always annoying my English teacher because I seem to have the memory of a fish. Any who my life is pretty good you know go to school during the week then go to work and on the weekends I sometimes go out depending on my mood. I love food like a lot I could like live off of it, but I kind of already do but hey you get my point. Anyway I think that will just about do it for now so I will bid you all fare well and I hope we will talk again soon.